Angela, a socially awkward, sexually inexperienced, computer genius, has chosen to expand her horizons and research what a man wants in a woman by working at night at a strip club. She thinks she has found the perfect teacher in Tek, a member of the Dark Sons MC. But this biker is so much more than a bad boy, he is a billionaire. She shows up to her new day job, programming for a big security firm, and finds out he is the CEO. The saying ‘Never mix business with pleasure’ becomes startlingly truthful, when foul play happens at work and Tek accuses her of trying to destroy his company. She’s knows she’s innocent but trying to prove it may cost her her life.

Tek’s security company has become the target of skilled hackers. When a gorgeous, brilliant, and well-known hacker starts working at not only his company but at his MC’s strip club he is suspicious. She captures his imagination, interest, and lust. When he discovers he’s wrongly accused her of crimes, and put her in the crosshairs of the actual criminals, Tek struggles between keeping her safe and trying to claim her as his own; he plans on succeeding at both.

This is book three in the Dark Sons Motorcycle Club series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This dark contemporary romance has elements of danger, mystery, suspense, adult themes, possible triggers for some readers, adult content, sensual scenes and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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He leaned down and kissed her with the pent-up passion still simmering from last night. The flavor of something sweet mixed with mint was like a drug, pulling him in as her tentative tongue met his in an almost hesitant sweep.

Her hands clutched his shirt and the tiny moans she gave were music to his ears. He ran his hand down her neck, enjoying the way she leaned into his touch like a cat. He swept his hand down her body until her pebbled nipples pressed against his fingers under the silky material of her blouse.

His cock jumped at her throaty moan as he swept his thumb over the tight peaks, alternating as he came up from the kiss so he could see the beauty of her body.

She arched as he pinched her nipples, her body trembling under his touch. His leg was pressed between hers and she had started grinding against it in a pulsing rhythm.

Tek smiled as he continued to tease her nipples. He undid her pants and slipped a hand inside, loving how her wetness covered his fingers. “Last night watching you come without being able to touch you was an exercise in control. I wonder, do you have enough control to not scream as I make you come?”

“Uhm.” Angela bit her lip. “I’m not sure this is a good idea.”

Her body kept moving against his hand regardless of her words. Tek stilled and nipped her ear.

“You want me to stop, kitten?”

“No!” she gasped and rotated her hips.

Tek found her clit with the tips of his fingers and ran slow circles around it. “Are you scared that there is only a door between us and the rest of the company?”

“No, it’s not that.”

Tek leaned in, whispering into her ear. “Is this one of your fantasies? The intern being seduced by her boss. Being so swept up in the moment they both forget where they are or what might happen if they are caught.” He circled his fingers faster. “I know I ache to be inside you. I want to spend hours learning your body and your dirty, brilliant mind.”

Her nails dug into his chest at his words. After hearing what he had about her roleplaying on stage at Darklights and everything he had learned since, he wondered if she might be an even better match for him than he had thought. He wanted to start here but take his time with her back at his place, exploring all the possibilities.

“That feels so good… Mr. Vallier… Please, I want this, but I don’t… I can’t… think.” Her body was tightening, her words tumbling in sexy, incoherent strings.

He added pressure, brushing her clit instead of just circling it. “Tek. When you come, I want to hear you call my name.” Her breathing became gasps. The sounds had him almost ready to come himself. “Tell me how you want me to fuck you, kitten. Give me the dirty words and I’ll make every fantasy come true.”

Her head fell back as he thrust two fingers into her tight channel. She would be like a vice around his cock, pulling him to orgasm like a teenager in moments. He stroked her clit with his thumb and he felt her walls start to tremble.

Angela’s eyes met his, her pupils wide. “I want to experience it all. From the captured harem slave to the naughty schoolgirl. I want the gentle lover and the rough biker who fucks me so hard I ache days later.” Her pants began matching his motions. He knew she would come soon. Later he would make her give him all the details of what she wanted. For now, he wanted to see her break apart in his arms. “I just… don’t want my first time to be in a supply closet. Oh God… Tek!”

Her body convulsed around his fingers as she muffled her cries into his chest a little too late. The beautiful sight of her shaking in his arms made him slow to process the words she had said.

Her first time?