When tragedy strikes, Cecilia is left penniless. Now, with nothing, she has no choice but to pretend to be someone she’s not: a boy, working for the Pony Express.

When the handsome Mel Jessup offers her alter ego ‘Cecil’ a job at his ranch, Cecilia jumps at the opportunity. Pretending to be something she’s not is difficult enough, but her attraction to Jessup and his stern hand – along with the ruthless madame – are certain to find her in a world of trouble.

Will Cecilia be able to keep her secret about her real identity? Can Mel protect her and save her from a life of degradation?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical Western romance contains elements of danger, adventure, and power exchange.


Jessup continued to stroke her as he let his fingers move into the crevices of her softness. Cecil’s restlessness became more urgent, so he moved his fingers inside of her. Cecil started but quickly settled in as Jessup gently rubbed his hand over her sex and let his fingers create a steady rhythm as he became more intentional with his stroking her. Again, he pressed into her and he knew that Cecil could feel him hard and throbbing with an urgency of claiming her even before Jessup began to loosen his own belt and trousers. She wanted him. He knew it and would not disappoint her.

“Sir? I think you know what I want to hear,” he growled as he thrust his hardened sex between her legs and let it rest there just outside of where she needed him to be.

“Say it, or I won’t share with you. Who am I?” He pulled back a little bit and let the head of his desire rest at her opening. Jessup felt her hips thrust forward in an effort to capture him. “Who am I, and what do you want?” he once again demanded.  “Daddy!” Cecil cried. “Oh, Daddy! I want you inside me. Now,” she moaned and then cried through clenched teeth.