Two months ago Kevin had his heart broken in a very public and embarrassing break up. After that experience he swore he’d always be in control in his future relationships – if he ever had another one. Two chance meetings with Angie make him want to try again, but this time according to his rules.

Angie is trying to focus on getting her life under control and stop her partying ways. Then she runs into Kevin, twice, and they start getting to know each other over regular, friendly dinners. When he doesn’t make a move, she wonders if she’s read the signals wrong, but Kevin soon clears up her confusion and lets her know exactly what he wants from her.

Can this free-spirited party girl accept a man who needs to be in charge, and wants to punish her if she misbehaves? Will their chance encounters prove to be the start of something wonderful, or will it all end in heartbreak?