What happens when the three men she dreams about are not able to claim her?

Soon, triads of trained warriors will travel to Jemina’s village to compete for the honor of marrying her. But she is not like most village born daughters; Jemina is a trained warrior herself, with strong opinions. For cycles now, she has dreamed of three perfect lovers and is sure they will be among the warriors coming to fight for her hand.

Jemina’s fathers travel to neighboring villages to announce a coming competition between all triads seeking to claim her.  Instead of remaining home while they do their duty, she travels with them to get a feel for the type of men she prefers. Along the way, she meets each of the men from her dreams. One is opinionated and questions her skill as a warrior. Another only develops an interest in her when he discovers she is a village born daughter. And the last one, though handsome to behold, seems to lack genuine skills or brains. Her dream lovers aren’t even part of an established triad.

Suddenly, being claimed as a bride holds little appeal for her. Will she need to put aside her vision of a perfect set of husbands and settle for less? Not if Jemina has anything to say about it.

This is book two in the Claiming their Brides series but can be enjoyed independently.