Claire and Martin Upton are finding problems in their three-year marriage. Martin is a renowned wildlife photographer and hunting guide, seemingly headed for nothing but success. His work involves a lot of traveling, and he seems to be away more and more lately. When Martin is at home in Seattle, Claire’s temper and impatience get in the way of them enjoying time together. 

Claire is successful in her own career as a graphic artist, but it’s not enough for her. Sure, she can have anything of material value that she desires, but what she really wants is her husband to be home more. The more he is gone, the more her feelings toward him are dissolving, and she is unwilling to wait for circumstances to change in accordance with his plans. 

They decide to spend a weekend in her parents’ Idaho mountain cabin for her twenty-sixth birthday. The stunning isolation forces them to communicate, something that has been lacking in their marriage for quite a while. They discover their feelings for each other are still smoldering and they just need something to bring the flame of desire back. Claire comes to a decision and bravely tells Martin that she misses a key ingredient of their marriage, and wishes they could re-connect and begin again.  

Martin is surprised and delighted that Claire has revealed her wants and needs to him. He realizes he is willing to do whatever is needed to save his marriage. Can they find their way back to each other? Is Martin able to give Claire what she has been wishing for? Is Claire able to give Martin the opportunity to fulfill her needs? Is their love strong enough to last through their journey of discovery? 

Publisher’s Note: This romance is intended for adults only. It contains explicit scenes, adult language, and power exchange elements. If these themes offend you, please do not purchase.