Do you have dark, secret desires? Wants and needs that the average guy just can’t fulfill for you?  

Do you want to be swept off your feet by an alpha male with a firm hand and a dominant aura? A man you know you can trust but who is otherwise a mystery? 

Do you want to fly? 

Then visit Club Fantasy, where an unusual card game can lead to all kinds of satisfaction… 

Publisher’s Note: This delicious anthology from USA Today bestselling author Desiree Holt contains five toe-curling tales which take place in an adults-only club. It contains explicit scenes and elements of power exchange.  




Chapter One 


“Good evening, Miss LeBlanc. Welcome back to Club Fantasy.” Anton, the guardian at the door, checked her name off a list on a bookstand. “Reulas will be pleased you were able to make it tonight.” 

“His email sounded exciting. Something new. How could I resist? In fact, I’m looking forward to it.” She held out her hand. “May I have a key, please?” 

“Of course.” He lifted one from a board set into a recess on the wall. “Your usual locker is available.” 

She shrugged out of her thin coat. “It isn’t often I get a special call from Reulas asking for my presence. Or my participation in a special event. A demonstration, he said?” 

Anton smiled. “We are introducing a new activity tonight. I believe he thinks you are the perfect sub for it.” 

“A performance?” She lifted an eyebrow. “I haven’t done one in a while.” 

“Reulas knows what he’s doing. You’re one of his favorites.” 

She knew that. She also had a feeling the Dom involved with the demonstration would be hardcore. For some time now the Doms she’d been playing with hadn’t really fulfilled her needs. More and more she wanted someone to push her past one edge and then another. She’d talked to Reulas about the ramping up of her needs. Told him about the extremes she now wanted from her Doms. Reulas, being the careful person he was, questioned her very carefully until he was assured she knew what she wanted and needed. Satisfied, he told her he’d take care of her. Maybe this was his idea of giving her what she’d asked for. Kelly trusted him. Knew he wouldn’t put her with anyone who was too over the top. Still, he had acknowledged her need for a more demanding Dom, a more inventive one.  

Anton nodded toward the cloakroom. “I’d put my things away. Even for someone special, Reulas doesn’t like to be kept waiting.” Then he surprised her with a conspiratorial wink. “He listened to what you said to him and set this up. But be prepared. We have a very large crowd tonight.” 

Kelly smoothed down her short, red leather skirt, adjusted the fabric of her abbreviated halter top—also in screaming red—gave her long blonde hair one last flip and strode into the main lounge in her stiletto thigh-high boots. She paused at the end of the short hall, just as it widened into the lounge, and paused to take a long look. It was indeed crowded tonight. Every table, every couch and chair was filled. Even the bar stools were all occupied. An air of excitement shimmered like electricity in the room. 

Nodding and smiling at some familiar faces, she looked around for a place she might sit, wondering if someone would tell her what was on the schedule. 

“Thank you so much for accepting my request for this evening.” 

The club owner was a man of mystery. No one really knew where he’d come from or how he’d come to open Club Fantasy. They were all aware, however, that he ran the most upscale, exclusive dungeon in the state. Probably one of the top five in the country. Kelly had been a member for five years, known by the regulars as someone who chose her Doms very carefully. Never played with a certain one for too long a period of time. But with a reputation for being responsive and sexually satisfying, she had her pick of Masters. That she was chosen for whatever was on tonight’s agenda excited her, made her nipples tighten and her pussy throb in anticipation. Knowing Reulas, it was sure to be something that would appeal to her complicated needs. 

“Allow me to introduce a very special friend of mine.” He stepped to the side. “Kelly LeBlanc, meet Tanner Sloat.” 

At this point in her life it took a lot to steal Kelly’s breath away, but the man with Reulas managed to do it in an instant. He wasn’t as tall as most of the men she played with, probably not more than five ten, which suited her petite frame just fine. But it was a well-defined, sexually sizzling five foot ten. His body was muscular; not gym-conditioned, but that of a man who did some kind of hard labor for a living. Midnight black hair hung in a thick curtain of silk just to his shoulders and matching hair dusted the hard wall of his chest. His eyes were an unusual pale grey, fringed with thick black lashes, silver beacons in a square-jawed face with high cheekbones.  

He exuded raw power, masculinity, and sex. Every muscle in Kelly’s body tightened, cream flooded the tiny crotch of her thong and her nipples hardened, poking into the soft material of her halter. An image flashed through her mind of this man naked, standing before her, his cock in her mouth while she sucked on it hungrily. Would his shaft be large? Of course. Her eyes dropped involuntarily to his crotch, where the soft leather of his pants did little to hide a significant bulge. She was instantly wet and needy and he hadn’t even said hello to her yet. 

When she looked up at him, a tiny knowing smile flirted with the corners of his mouth and sexual hunger flared in his eyes. Tanner raked his gaze over her slowly, taking in every inch of her. Now she knew what the phrase “undressing someone with his eyes” meant, because that was exactly how she felt. At that moment, if he’d told her to strip naked, get down on her hands and knees and let him fuck her ass, she’d have done it without a moment’s hesitation. 

Holy shit! 

She swallowed and curved her mouth in a smile. “Welcome to Club Fantasy.” 

He dipped his head once. “I can see you’re everything Reulas said you were.” 

And exactly what was that? 

“Tanner is just back from a tour of duty as a member of a Delta Force team,” Reulas explained. 

Ooo-kay. So that explained the ripped body. She wondered if he had any interesting scars. Without realizing it, Kelly licked her lips.  

“I picked up a little game while I was in… a different country,” Tanner said. “When I mentioned it to Reulas it interested him. He suggested giving a little presentation to the members.” His eyes looked her over again. “From everything he told me, I thought you would be an excellent choice for a game partner. You enjoy exhibitionism, right?” 

Did a bank have money? Heat sizzled through her at the idea of performing before this crowd with this highly sexual man. 

“I do,” she answered. “Can you tell me what the game is about?” 

He held out a deck of cards. “Take a look at these. The idea is, each partner goes through the deck and removes any position or activity that they absolutely will not do. Then they go through them one at a time.” 

“Of course, no one expects to complete the entire selection in one session,” Reulas added. “So each partner picks his or her top three and then they begin.” 

Kelly cocked an eyebrow at him. “Your email sounded intriguing and everyone is always looking for something new. I’m sure that’s why there’s such a big crowd tonight.” 

He nodded. “If I’d told them you were going to be part of the performance, we’d have been so crowded the fire marshal might have shut us down.” 

“Reulas tells me you are a particular favorite.” Tanner’s voice rolled over her nerves like the electric wand she loved so much, sending sparks along the surface of her skin. 

“He’s very kind. But I do my best to please.” 

“As a good sub should.” He gave her a penetrating look that pierced all the way to her pussy. Her inner walls clenched and she had to resist the urge to squeeze her thighs together.  

“Why don’t the two of you step into the little alcove over there?” Reulas pointed. “You can select your cards. When you’re ready, I’ll get everyone’s attention and announce the beginning of the performance.” 

If Tanner hadn’t come vetted by Reulas, Kelly might have had second thoughts about this. She was very selective with her Doms. But she knew the club owner wouldn’t put her with a man unless he trusted him. Besides, she couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt such a strong sexual pull, such a desire to do anything and everything with anyone, no restrictions. 

She smiled at Tanner and waited for him to precede her, following him with her head down and hands clasped behind her back, already in her submissive role.  

The alcove was barely more than a niche in the wall as it curved back toward the hallway. It contained a café table and two chairs, and provided a modicum of privacy for two people to conduct their negotiations away from the crowd. Tanner nodded for her to sit then opened the deck of cards. 

“This is a new game to you,” he told her, “so I would like you to make the first choices.” 

She took a deep breath, fanned out the cards, and started turning them over. 


Tanner had to use every bit of his well-developed personal discipline to keep himself under control. His dick had hardened and swelled painfully the moment he set eyes on Kelly LeBlanc. And his entire body went on full alert. If he had less discipline he’d have asked Reulas for a room right then, stripped her naked, and fucked her brains out.  

What the hell? 

The supple leather of her very short skirt barely covered the sweet curve of her ass. His hands itched to slide beneath the material and probe her cunt that the flimsy material shielded. Was she wet already? Did just the discussion of exhibitionism turn her on? The first time he’d participated in a demonstration, he’d been astounded at how the excitement of exhibitionism stimulated him. How intense his orgasm was when he finally gave up his self-control and allowed himself to experience it fully.  

Twenty years ago he had visited a dungeon near the base where he was training before he was selected for Delta Force. He’d gone with a friend, reluctantly, and become addicted after just one night. He’d learned the dungeons were a good place to put all that energy stored up from missions. An experienced Dom had trained him, taught him to respect his subs. How to deal with bringing them out of subspace and reinforcing the importance of aftercare. In the clubs where he was a familiar figure he knew he was a sought after Dom. He played right on the edge, but always with respect for his subs. 

But out of all the women he’d met, all the partners he’d had, none had ever been a punch to the gut like Kelly LeBlanc. He wanted to see her naked on her knees, hands behind her back, his cock in her mouth. Maybe with a plug in her butt and a vibrator keeping her right on the edge of orgasm. He might have a lot of self-control, but there was a hard edge to his desired methods of play. He hoped Kelly was ready for it, because after only one look at her, he certainly was. He shifted the fabric of his leather pants to ease the pressure on his swollen cock.  

“Ready?” he prompted. If she licked her lip one more time he was going to open his pants and thrust his cock into that tempting mouth. 

She looked up at him. Whatever she saw in his eyes made her bow her head, cut the cards, and begin to lay them out. 

He’d seen them all, of course. This was a game that worked for him whenever he was a guest at a new club, or breaking in a new sub. It gave both parties a sense of what the other would tolerate, would want, would eventually crave. He watched through narrowed eyes as she discarded some cards, placed others to the side. Interesting that she kept the picture of the St. Andrew’s Cross, the single tail whip, the electric violet wand, and the rider fucking ball. She paused at the three pictures of butt plugs, discarded two, and kept the medium sized one.  

Oh, yeah. He wanted that plug in her ass while she rode the inflated ball with the dildo in her cunt. Blindfolded. Hands cuffed behind her back so her balance was unsteady. Shit! He was getting hot just thinking about it. His cock hardened, his balls tingled and the blood in his veins flowed in a heated rush. Her scent drifting up to his nostrils aroused him even more. He bet the juice of her pussy tasted like the finest nectar. His tongue tingled just at the thought of it. 

She shuffled through another few cards, kept the one with the paddle on it and the one with the spreader bar. She hesitated at one and he leaned down to get a closer look. 

Damn! One woman, two men, one with his cock in her ass, the other with his shaft in her mouth, with vibrating clothespins attached to her nipples. Reulas was right. This woman was made for him. Tanner had been looking for someone like her for a very long time. Good thing this was just for tonight. If his instincts were right, any more play time and he risked becoming addicted to her. And that would be a huge mistake. Every sub he played with knew the rules from the beginning. No strings. One session or twenty—when he was through, it was over. No expectations. He had the uncomfortable feeling it wouldn’t be that easy with Kelly LeBlanc. 

He watched her go through the cards once again, setting the ones she preferred to avoid in one pile, those she’d selected in another. She handed the rest of the deck to him. 

“I hope my selections please you, Sir.” 

Oh, yeah. Damn straight. 

But he went through the process of thumbing through them once more before nodding his head. He gave a quick glance through the ones she’d rejected, nodded again, then went through the rest of the cards. There was little he rejected, but as much for show as anything he selected some of the harshest ones remaining and put them to the side. Then he handed her his own choices. He forced himself to be patient as she looked them over one by one. Every muscle in his body tightened and heat raced over his skin as he watched for her reaction.  

She silently studied them, eyes widening when she saw the drawing of the ball gag and the hood. Two items she’d never been completely comfortable with using before with other Doms. But she’d been coming to Club Fantasy for a long time. Reulas knew how much she could tolerate. She had to trust that Tanner Sloat knew it also and would use the items he’d chosen as a responsible Dom. She made no comment, just let out a slow breath and handed everything back to him.  

“If there is anything I picked that you strongly object to,” he said, “this is the time to tell me. Otherwise I’ll match up our choices and tell Reulas we’re ready.” Actually, he was more than ready.  

“I’m fine with the selections.” She paused. “Master.” 

“I’ll need to show Reulas the cards so he can make sure we have all the proper equipment. Once we’re in the performance area, on the stage, he’ll do the introductions.” 

She rose with a fluid, graceful movement. Tanner headed back into the lounge area, very conscious of her behind him. He hoped when the night was over he could be satisfied with the pleasure and not want anything else. He just didn’t do attachments. At all. Not anymore.