Available November 21st


Admired by everyone, the widow Elianna Winslow is the most sought after woman in town. She is beautiful, gracious, and generous to a fault. Beyond her smile and her beauty is also a woman of many secrets. She walks a fine line between benevolence and impropriety, and her secrets could destroy her. To become the woman she was meant to be she must find the courage to face her past before she can have a future.

She’s brave to try marriage not once, twice, but three times. And as the saying goes ‘the third time is the charm’. Lt. Colonel Ethan Cahill, an army officer, is the perfect man for her but he has to make his way through her battered heart to find the gem he knows is hidden there. Luckily, he’s strong enough for the both of them.

Publisher’s Note: This historical romance includes action, adventure and sensual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.