A secret that threatens everything…

Catherine left Greg high and dry during their summer romance between high school and college. She only reluctantly returned to her hometown – where he had remained – very occasionally.

That all ends now her mother is old enough to need assistance and, to Catherine’s great surprise, she discovers that Greg wants her back, despite how badly she treated him before.

She’s kept a very big secret from him, though. Will that end the rekindled romance before it begins?

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary, sweet romance contains themes of power exchange.

Available September 20th

About the Author:

The words “spanking” and “discipline” have always sent a shiver up Carolyn Faulkner’s spine. She knows she’s not alone. Writing started as a way to explore her feelings. Soon short stories flowed from her pen featuring reluctant heroes taking the leading lady in hand, but always for her own good.

Today Carolyn is the author of dozens of books. She writes from her home in Maine, where she lives with her husband and leading man.