Travel back in time to hear the girlhood story of GG Devereaux, the grandmother of Shelby.

It is the late sixties in America, and the times are tumultuous, especially for the young people. GG lives in tiny Boone, Indiana, but she has a thirst to see the world and understand all the things that are changing, so she plans to go to California after high school to start her life experiences.

Leo Beauchamp has already been a witness and participant in the craziness of the times. From the first day, when he meets GG at a war protest on a college campus, he is captivated and fascinated by the fiery seventeen-year-old. But GG is on a path to certain danger and heartache. Can Leo win her heart and tame her determination to run off to the promised land of 60s California?

Publisher’s Note: This sweet romance contains a theme of power exchange.

Available March 17th