Available Feb 27th

Garrett Love:

What is the only thing that could tear my mind from the work I had so earnestly poured myself into for the last decade? Not what, but who. The sweet little redhead with the baby blue eyes—and heart shaped bottom. Bella Buchanan had my heart from the moment I saw her. And I knew my celibacy streak was as good as over. The only thing standing in our way was my unwillingness to make another mistake. I had a very special way to keep my life in order, but will Bella accept my terms?

Bella Buchanan:

Love. Of course, that’s his last name, right? With the classic looks of the rugged cowboy, an underlying streak of bad boy, hardworking rancher Garrett Love had taken over my dreams, my fantasies. What could go wrong when I asked him for a job? Imagine my surprise when the recovered playboy slapped a contract on his desk—demanding I sign it or lose the job—and him in the process. Can I agree to his terms and consequences?


Dirty Texas Love is a hot new series from Shanna Handel. Characters you will instantly love with steamy scenes, firm consequences and a very happy ending. Each book in the series is a standalone novel that can be read in any order.

Publisher’s Note: This sexy romance is intended for adults only. It contains themes of discipline of adult women, adult language and sensual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.