Available December 14th

Arabella St. John faces a new life, in a new land, as she boards the merchant ship from England to America. Her father has arranged for her marriage in New Orleans, to her dismay She has no desire to be there. Everything and everyone she loves is in England. The chief-mate seems friendly enough, but then she meets Captain Gregory Smythe, who neither needs nor wants women aboard his ship. And he’s quite vocal about it.

It’s ‘hate at first sight.’
Gregory is unhappy at the thought of having to be responsible for, not one, but two ladies on ship, especially after findi

ng out that privateers have recently sunk two merchant ships off the coast of the Carolinas.
On top of that, females aboard a vessel with an all-male crew are trouble; everyone knows that. And when food goes missing and a stowaway is found hidden in his very own cabin, he realizes trouble follows Arabella wherever she goes. And when the only two women booked for passage realize they are destined to marry the same man, it all seems to come apart.
And that is just the beginning of their troubles!

Publisher’s Disclaimer: Disciplining of errant females and one sexual scene appear in this story. If either of these offend you, in any way, please do not buy it or read it.