Raised by a con artist, and orphaned at fifteen, Andie has been stealing cars for the past five years. She’s never known any other life, but she often fantasizes about a world where she has strict parents to curtail her criminal behaviors.

David and Nina are happily married. In public they lead very conventional lives; he’s a veterinarian, and she’s a photographer. But in private, they are both Dominants who enjoy playing Daddy and Mommy to certain Littles.

When their worlds collide, Andie gets her first taste of what it might be like to have supportive parents, and soon the three form a platonic family. Upon learning Andie’s fantasies, David and Nina set out to make those dreams a reality with an entire weekend of age-play at their private cabin. After an emotional weekend of play, none of them want it to end.

Two years later Andie is accused of a crime she didn’t commit. David and Nina hire a private investigator; their friend and fellow Daddy Dom, Josh. Josh becomes Andie’s stand-in dominant while they work together to clear her name.

Will they succeed, or will Andie have to go to prison for something she didn’t do?

Publisher’s Note: Previously published as the ‘Blurred Lines’ trilogy, the books Cross the Line, Over the Line, and Walk the Line, have been combined into one. This sweet romance contains elements of age-play and themes of power exchange.

Available June 27th