A mysterious book, a doctor’s accidental involvement, and 2 mafia leaders who want to possess the same woman.

When Gillian Morgan attempted to save a dying man’s life, she had no idea that her actions would throw her into a world of chaos.  The troubled past she has long kept hidden for so long will finally come back to haunt her.  The only people she can now trust, are the two men holding her hostage.  They will not only help Gillian but make her their submissive (and possibly their wife).

John Kenric and Patrick O’Malley own the city of London and together run the European underworld.  They were expecting a book that could help them finally destroy their enemy but instead got a potential soulmate who could help them heal deep, internal wounds sustained from an intricate, dark past.  Each man wants to possess Gillian totally and completely, but can their friendship survive, not only their enemies, but loving the same woman?

Available March 11th