Life’s lessons are not always held in a classroom.

hiserranteducator_150x225Teresa Goldman may cook, wash countless dishes, and serve the townspeople meals in her pa’s restaurant, but that is only until she can throw off her apron and stand on the steps of Cascade’s first school and ring the bell. She’s dreamed of being a teacher her entire life. In her opinion, school should be fun, and she’s spent endless hours sitting on the floor of the unfinished building creating lesson plans.

Roger Morrison knew from the first moment he bumped into the beautiful brunette outside the mercantile that he wanted to make her his wife. Having traveled the Oregon Trail, he knows the importance of working hard, perseverance, and teamwork. Along with his partners, his goal is to make the Rose Ranch the most prosperous in the Willamette Valley, and his dream is to do so with Teresa at his side.

When the love of his life continues to jump into danger without a moment’s thought, he realizes that love isn’t enough – he needs to teach Teresa that there are more important lessons to learn than reading, writing and arithmetic. On the day she accepts his marriage proposal, he delivers her first lesson, with the errant little educator draped over his knee.

When the townspeople gather to hear the announcement of who will be guiding and teaching their children, no one is more stunned than Teresa to hear the name announced isn’t hers. Will she learn that, even with one dream shattered, there is another just waiting to be embraced? Can she make a home on the ranch with crazy roosters, smelly cattle, and wild animals surrounding her instead of the students she dreamed of?

Will Anna, Charity, and Agatha, all wives with their own stern and loving husbands, be able to convince her that life can be fulfilling with a different dream? More importantly, can Teresa allow the man who doesn’t hesitate to take her in hand to become her teacher?

Publisher’s Note: His Errant Educator is the third in Maggie Ryan’s bestselling Willamette Wives series but can be read as a stand-alone. It includes explicit sexual themes, the spanking of adult women, and anal play. If such material is likely to offend you, please do not purchase.