Available July 27th

Strait-laced assistant D.A. Allyria Barstow was damned good at her job. She’d eschewed nearly every other aspect of a normal woman’s life in order to get to the number two position in her department. And currently her job was, for the safety and security of all of the residents of her city, to see to it that mob boss Lucas Bove ended up behind bars for a good long time.

But Lucas, a smart, unusually affable man with unexpectedly old world manners and who looked like he’d stepped off the pages of GQ, had other ideas, especially once he got a good look at the repressed young woman who was sitting on the other side of the aisle from him in the courtroom.

He was much more interested in seeing whether he could make this very good girl into a very bad one.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy mafia romance contains elements of power exchange.