Available November 25th from Blushing Books


“How will I lie beside him at night and act like I’m falling in love with him? Last night it came easy, but now that I know what he’s capable of, I fear for my life.”

A Princess, a maiden, and a madam.


Princess Isabella

I desire to be queen.

Marrying the handsome prince seemed a grand idea,

Until I caught sight of him murdering his father.

Now I must protect myself, my lady, and my reputation.


Lady Hannah

I’ve made a deal with the devil,

A duke no less.

Worse I’ve fallen in love with him.

There’s no turning back.


Madam Helene

A royal guard, a dangerous fire, and my drunken husband,

A recipe for disaster.

The royal guard cannot learn the truth,

That I am the madam for a brothel.