Excerpt from “His Dark Obsession”

Available September 26th!


Pierce swung Sarah around till her back connected with the wall, cushioned only slightly by a thick tapestry.

She had only a moment to glance around before his broad frame blocked her sight. They were in the library. The dark, unoccupied library.

Running his hand down her arm, Pierce closed his hand around Sarah’s delicate wrist, lifting it high over her head.

Pinning it against the wall. Feeling the power of his height and strength, she was trapped. Sensing the danger she was in, Sarah watched the muscular swells of his chest beneath his thin linen shirt expand with each labored breath as he fought for control.

“Look at me,” he demanded soft and low.

Sarah kept her eyes trained on his waistcoat buttons. Her humiliation from him not kissing her and her jealousy of that woman had gotten the better of her and now she was going to pay the price. Despite the trappings of wealth and respectability there was something primal and uncivilized about Lord Warrington.

“Now,” he barked.

Startled, Sarah looked up at him. Her bright green eyes close to tears.

“Little girls who are used to boys shouldn’t try their games on men. Do you understand me?”

Sarah could only nod.

Pierce palmed one thick ringlet of her hair. Slowly gliding his hand down the long, silky length, pulling the curl straight. Gripping the end tightly, he gave it a sharp tug before allowing the curl to spring back in place. Her hair fascinated him. It was raven’s wing black. The color rich and deep. So long and thick, a man could wrap his hand around a silken lock twice. A vision of her head forced back as he fisted her hair before driving deeply into her small, tight body with his cock flashed before his eyes.

Sarah opened her lips on a gasp from the small sting of pain from the sudden tug on her hair. Watching his strong hand grasp the delicate tendril somehow heightened her awareness of his physical brawn compared to her diminutive size. She couldn’t help but feel the hum of restrained energy, as if he was forcing himself to only lightly touch her. What would happen if his restraint snapped?