Available June 14th

She wants to be claimed.


Leslie has loved Gabe for most of her life. But while she wants him as her husband, he sees her more as a childish little sister rather than as a woman. If only she could make him understand that she has grown up. She wants nothing more than for him to claim her as his own. When she finds out that he is poised to marry someone else, she decides it is time to take drastic action.


Gabe is ashamed that he has secretly lusted after Leslie for years. He’s convinced that they can never be anything other than friends, and he feels guilty for fantasizing about a girl who has been almost like a sister to him. Besides, the tomboyish little hellion could never be the kind of wife he wants. He needs a submissive woman, and he’s convinced that Leslie would never surrender control to him.


But when Leslie shows up at his home in the middle of the night, she presents too much of a temptation for him to resist. Can he ever grow to love her the way she needs him to, or will they forever be at odds?


Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical love story contains elements of power exchange.