She accepted the offer to make a better life. She never meant to fall in love.

Nick, snooty son of a wealthy gentleman, has dragged his companion Jasper, insignificant valet, into helping him look for a girl. And not just any girl. Nick wants a fake sweetheart whom he can pass off as a lady to his parents, without actually getting caught up with another lady. His reasons are his own.

Olivia March is the not-so-lucky-girl Nick wants for his scheme. How can she refuse? All she has to do is put up with his spoiled, dandy ways, live all-expenses-paid on the striking island of St. Myrtle for a luxurious summer, and earn enough money to create a better life for herself and her sister forever.

But there’s a catch or two. Jasper, Nick’s valet, is charged with preparing her, dressing her, presenting her as a lady, and disciplining her when she fails to be one. Olivia doesn’t intend to step on Nick’s toes nearly as much as she does. And she absolutely doesn’t plan on developing feelings for her disciplinarian.

Publisher’s Note: This sweet historical romance contains a theme of power exchange.

Available May 21st