After a bad breakup, Jade goes to a BDSM club for a night of play with strangers, but instead of improving her mood, it leaves her feeling unsettled. As she takes a walk in the snow to sort out her feelings on the way back to her dorm, a man in a hoodie attacks her. Her assailant is chased off before he can do any serious damage, but the incident leaves her shaken. The responding officer, Danny, helps calm her nerves by giving her a glimpse of his dominant side, once he finds out which club she’d gone to.

Over the next few days, she keeps getting the feeling that someone is watching her and assumes it’s her own paranoia playing tricks on her mind. But soon, it’s confirmed that she has a stalker, and Danny’s protective side goes into overdrive. As Jade and Danny spend more time together, their kinky sides come out, and they start to fall in love.

But when new information comes to light about her stalker, can Jade and Danny find a way to stop him for good while still keeping Jade safe?

Publisher’s Note: This romantic suspense contains some graphic scenes and a theme of power exchange.

Available January 21st