Available May 31st

Maggie Maxwell is part of a tiny community that has become like family to her, until her landlady’s grandson comes to town with the idea that she is out to scam his grandmother. Sparks fly high between Maggie and the handsome Carter Beauchamp.

Maggie discovers that Carter won’t hesitate to act when she takes a risk that could be dangerous to her, and this sets off new sparks of attraction between the two.

But Carter is struggling with his feelings for Maggie and can’t decide what he wants. When someone begins to tamper with Maggie’s business and home, the risk to her wellbeing escalates quickly. Maggie is abducted by a mysterious stranger, and Carter races to rescue her, but will it be too late for the two of them?

Publisher’s note: This steamy romantic mystery contains elements of power exchange. If this is offensive to you, please do not read it.