Kristina Edwards has the rare opportunity to remake herself after a traumatic event. She has a new job in a new state. Why not a new name as well? “Tina” settles into a rural North Carolina community, helped by her neighbor Chip and the elderly but beautiful new neighbor Eleanor, who has reasons of her own for moving to Poplar Gap.

Unbeknownst to Tina, Chip is also observing her, reporting back to his boss, an odd, reclusive man who lives on the mountain. Bill Cameron thinks he is dying and is obsessed with the idea of finding a suitable match for his beloved grandson Ian, half-white, half-Cherokee, if he can just bring the right woman to the mountain.

When Tina finds herself stranded on the mountain alone with Ian in the middle of the storm of the century, will she overcome her past and let love back in? Will Eleanor reunite with her true love from so many years ago? And what is Chip’s true identity?

Publisher’s Note: This sweet romance contains mystery, second chances, and a theme of light power exchange.

Available November 25th