Available August 25th

When Maisie Glover is offered a position as a seamstress at a school for girls, she jumps at the chance, not expecting to discover the students are adult women. Her curiosity about the school’s real purpose draws her into a scheme that could leave her in great danger. A former student has returned, with a family heirloom she took from her patron, which she plans on selling to the highest bidder.

The school headmaster Aldis Cummings thinks Maisie is involved in the theft. When he realizes she’s innocent, he accepts her aid in figuring out exactly what has occurred while they try to retrieve the item. Will they solve the mystery of the stolen heirloom? Will the school lose its credibility amid the scandal of theft? Maisie soon discovers things about herself she never thought she’d learn, but how far is she willing to go to save her job? How can she resist giving in to new pleasures with an expert teacher like Mr. Cummings?

Publisher’s Note: This mystery and suspense filled historical romance contains elements of power exchange.