Series: The Moorland Maidens Book One

by Maryse Dawson

Available June 14th



In the year 1091, the Scottish king, Malcolm III, is a thorn in England’s side. He is constantly invading and taking English lands for his own gain. The English king, William II, has had enough. Seeking to bring Malcolm to heel, he demands the capture of his nieces to use as hostages against him.

By the king’s command, Rhona and her cousins are captured and taken south, where they are imprisoned as pawns to be used in a battle between kings.

But Rhona is no milksop. With steel in her heart and fire in her belly, she seeks to escape at every opportunity. A difficult task, when her gaoler is a handsome Norman knight who has no compunction in taking a feisty maiden to task.

Leon has never met a woman like Rhona. Her fiery spirit stirs him like no other and he finds himself falling in love with the passionate, auburn-haired maiden. But can he win her heart? Will she ever be able to love the man who took her captive?

Publisher’s Note: This story contains explicit and disciplinary scenes. If either of these offend you, please do not read this book.