Available July 19th

Deception Brings Danger

Court is always a place where one must watch his back, but as the threats shift away from his wife, Xavier Brice must work with precision to ensure he remains alive and capable of protecting both her and the king. With each passing day, Xavier knows he can no longer avoid Io’s past or her heritage. If he is to help the crown hold the kingdom, he will have to ask every question he had feared asking since Io became his wife.

Knowing Is Not Always Helpful

Io has ignored her past her entire life. Her bloodline has never saved her from harm. Now, though, it may not be Xavier, alone, in danger. It could well be time to claim those titles she has refused to acknowledge – as long as they will not steal from her the only title she wants: wife.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy medieval romance is full of action and adventure and contains elements of power exchange.