Available August 14th

She and he posed such a tired cliché—two broken people that together mended. Who wouldn’t think it took a monster to love a monster?

Ezio takes whatever and whoever he needs hoping that one day his torment or his life might end.  He hates everything.  He hates everyone.  He’s been abandoned.  He’s been left for dead.  He feels nothing.  He feels for no one. While procuring human males for the orange “bug” king, he captures a female by mistake.  She’s mouthy.  She’s persistent.  She’s strong-willed. She’s everything he respects in a combatant, but not in a female.  He knows he will never dominate her, but she’s the only one he’s found in over a decade that makes him yearn, more than he breathes, to do just that.

Shandi has been violated and degraded, but she will endure anything to ensure her younger sister’s future.  Even if it requires her to enter into a horrific agreement with the enemy. Taken by a barbarian of a man, forced to execute the tasks she arranged but doubted she ever could, she and Ezio set in motion what may be the death of many. Finding and having one another becomes more than either expected. 

This is book three in the Heroes of Neoma series. It can be enjoyed as a standalone, however the experience may be enhanced by reading them in order.

Publisher’s Note: This post-apocalyptic sci-fi romance is intended for adults only. It contains elements of mystery, suspense, action, adventure, power exchange and sensual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.