Available May 23rd

Find your ideal daddy. Is he dark and dirty? Does he make you blush with the things he says and does? Is he about lavishing you with gifts or experiences? Or, is he healing a part of you long buried and forgotten? He can be your teacher, mentor, friend, supporter, snuggle partner, and, yes, even a disciplinarian because sometimes you need to hear no, even when you don’t want to.

Asking for exactly what you want can be hard, but a good daddy somehow usually figures it out. His gift of discernment is what makes him special. He’s fulfilling a need and being completed, himself, at the same time. He’s creating the safe place you need to be the best you possible.

Keila had no idea what she was getting into when she embarked on seeking her own special arrangement, but once she met Jack, it all came together in her mind. Now, she just had to articulate her needs and her wants without fear. The fear was blocking her blessings, and the fact was after a long get to know you period, she knew Jack was for her, even if it was only temporary.

Jack was devastated after his wife’s death and poured all his energies into work while ignoring his love life, beyond his physical needs. Just when he thought it would be this way forever, he meets a young woman who begins to consume his head and his heart quite unexpectedly. It is a slow building relationship that reignites things in the powerful man that he, too, believed to be buried forever.

It’ll take time to shift friendship and mentoring into romance, but the best things in life are worth waiting for and often lead to the best results. Keila and Jack meet through friends who have taken their arrangement to the next level. Now, they, too, will need to figure out what Daddy Arrangement is best for them.

Publisher’s Note: This sweet, interracial romance is about an older man and a younger woman. If that is offensive to you, please do not read it.