Available 8/31

The Point of it All By Jade Cary

ThePointOfItAll_200x300Diana Kenyon is a beautiful, successful doctor with her own practice and her own life. But the occasional work she does for the DC-based Stanton Group thrusts her into the dark world of political refugees, kidnapping and torture. Her boss, Jack Stanton, runs an organization that rehabilitates victims of political torture, giving them new faces, thanks to Dr. Kenyon, and new lives, thanks to The Stanton Group. When Jack thinks Diana might be at risk herself, he forces her to attend a seminar that will hopefully give her the skills she needs to keep herself safe.

As the company owner of VRS Securities, Valerio Rios knows his subject well, and his seminars are well-attended by top executives from top companies who do not want to pay huge ransoms for their executives’ safe return. Val has seen firsthand what these victims go through. When Diana turns up missing, Val is hired to find her and bring her home safely. But rescuing the beautiful doctor is not the end of Val’s work. Someone is after her, and Val is determined to keep the independent and strong-willed lady safe. As he tries to find out who is after her, and why a successful doctor was taken in the first place, lies, deceit and mistrust hinder his efforts. Val Rios is a no-nonsense man, and Diana Kenyon is stubborn, willful and independent. Sparks fly as Val grows more determined to see her safe, and in his bed where she belongs, even if it takes a couple of trips over his knee to do it.

*** This book is a suspenseful romance containing spanking of an adult female***


Days With You by Jade Cary

DaysWithYou_200x300Diana Kenyon-Rios arrives in Chile for the Christmas holidays–her first after losing her husband, Val. As she prepares to celebrate the holidays in Val’s home country, she reminisces on her short but wonderful relationship and marriage to Val, and how she tried to come to terms with his…way. Not exactly a DD lifestyle in the truest sense, but let’s face it–Val liked to spank an ass. Why? And why did Diana allow it? Did she benefit? Did he? Did it define their life, or did it take up a small, but not insignificant part of their relationship?

And as Diana attempts to reconcile his death with the life she must lead now, something keeps her from fully accepting that he is gone. She feels him in her bones so deeply, it is as if he is still alive. Through intimate talks with friends and reminiscences, she finds a way to hold on to the greatest love she will ever know.

But will her dreams be enough?