Available June 15th
Even for the year 3018, the punishment Minerva receives is harsh – banishment to another place and time. Shocked by the sentence, she turns to the one person who could help her, her father. But he refuses, and there is nothing she can do but don the clothing the Council of Wrongs provides. When she wakes up, she finds an overturned stagecoach, four dead men, and a dead Comanche lying on the ground beside her.
Benjamin Granger can’t believe his eyes when he comes across a pretty little redhead sitting in the middle of a horrific scene of violence. Surely the Comanche would have carried her off with them, unless they were afraid of her hair?

She sure is pretty, but he soon learns she has a very sharp tongue. Even worse, when he tells her they need to get out of there before the Comanche return, she refuses to ride with him. Ben was taught to respect women, but when they act like a recalcitrant child, it’s time to apply a hard hand where it would do some good…

Publisher’s Note: This steamy time travel romance contains elements of domestic discipline.