Available June 1st

Amelie Camblesforth was in love but her parents didn’t approve. They banished her from London and sent her out into the depths of the country.

Maud had run away from her overly-protective aristocratic family to take London by storm, only to find herself temporarily stuck in the country far from the capital and all its longed-for excitement.

Viscount Cheviotdale had run through his entire fortune in two short years and his only hope of recovery was Amelie’s money, which meant he was kicking his heels in a small provincial town while trying to persuade Amelie’s family he was a desirable husband for their daughter.

Bev Grainger, newly bought out of the Royal Navy with a fortune in Prize Money, was just beginning to enjoy all the delights of London when his family needed him to take possession of a disputed country estate until the law could decide who was the rightful heir.

Four young people looking for life, and maybe love, in a small country district in Regency England during the coldest year anyone could remember. Will it all end happily?