Available February 1st

Even though Katie and Gavin have their hands full between their three young children and their company responsibilities, they never lose sight of their own relationship, which is as vibrant as ever. Even in their forties, they find plenty of time for love, and Katie’s behavior still lands her over Gavin’s knee from time to time, a result he’s promised will last into old age if need be.

For years Danvers Industries struggled with too few family members, but with three young Kerr children on the horizon, the company’s future looks bright. Fifteen years later, as the new generation is starting to take their places in the family business, an amazing visit surprises them all.

Then there’s Katie’s daughter, Sarah, who’s always dreamed of finding a man like her daddy, but what happens when she really does? She’s shocked to discover what her mother learned decades earlier – that Scotsmen have a way of dealing with misbehaving girlfriends. Will she let her pride come between her and the man she loves, or can she learn from her mother’s history?

Follow along in the last installment of the Family Business Series as Katie and Gavin celebrate their enduring love and watch their children come of age.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance includes elements of power exchange.