Kennedy wants Cedric as a Dom… Cedric wants Kennedy as a sub… Sounds simple, right?

Kennedy Tyson’s life isn’t going according to plan. As she nears her fortieth birthday, she’s still working two jobs to make enough money to pay her bills while she works on her novel. When she meets her idol, Grace Shelley, she’s thrilled to get an autograph. But she gets much more when she and Grace strike up a friendship.

Superstar Cedric Dawson never fails to attract the ladies. He just hasn’t found the right one yet. When his friends Grace and Toffer introduce him to Kennedy he’s intrigued, especially when it’s obvious she’s a sub. But when he approaches her she turns him down. She’d love to have a Dom, yes, but she doesn’t want to submit to someone who goes through women like water.

Dom Cedric takes her words as a challenge and he sets out to work his way into Kennedy’s heart. And what better way for an actor to work his magic than by dressing up as a famous lover? Cedric is determined to have Kennedy as his sub. All it takes is a few Halloween costumes, and lots of role-playing.

Publisher’s Note: This adult romance contains elements of adult themes, sensual scenes, HEA, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

Available August 14th