His other hand closed around her waist and Arlen pulled her in, crushing her against his hard, male body. Her fingers clenched around the weapon she still held in her free hand, and in a flash of pure instinct, Ava raised the scalpel, the blade coming to rest just under his chin. Eyes as pale as the moonlight stared at her without a single trace of fear as the blade moved in tandem with his pulse.

“Let me go.” Her voice wasn’t trembling anymore.

“Or what, Ava?” Arlen pushed his head forward and down and the blade broke his skin, a trickle of blood dripping down his neck and into the open collar of his vest. “You will kill me? Slit my throat in cold blood?”

Ava let out a shaky breath, her hand pulling slightly away from his jugular. Still, his face lowered, his eyes set on her like a predator, ignoring her threat.

His lips landed on hers above the blade; imperious and hard. He kissed her like it was a command, demanding absolute submission.

And she responded. Her body weakened, her fingers opening and the scalpel falling to the grass at her feet. Her lips parted under his and his tongue entered her mouth. His taste was male and clean, and he took possession of her mouth completely as her mind went blank. Her knees buckled, but his hold on her was firm and he held her there against him.

She could barely breathe as his fingers dug into her flesh, descending to grab her ass. He pulled her against him as a hardness all too male dug into her stomach.

Fear mixed with her arousal, then the hand that had held the blade went to his chest and she pushed against him.

Arlen growled into her mouth, refusing to heed her plea to stop. As his hand went down to cup an entire ass cheek, she whimpered in fright against his flesh.

The sound of her fear was like a shock and, as suddenly as he had begun, he stopped. A second later, the Eok warrior stood five feet away from her.

The moon shone a pale light on his features, and his eyes seemed to glow as if lit from within. His gaze trailed over her body and she was aware of her breasts pushing against the thin fabric, the plunging shape of her neckline, revealing way too much skin. His chest heaved as he stood there, his expression one of pure shock.

Then he turned his back on her and left, disappearing into the night.

Venomous Heart by Mary Auclair

Series: Eok Warriors Book 3

Available: April 5th

After drowning his soul in blood, can this alien warrior be saved?

As the only doctor on Aveyn, Ava works day and night for the people she considers hers. Only… she’s not really one of them, is she? She’s a hybrid, a highly illegal creature created by Trade Minister Knut for his personal enjoyment. And she risks a fate worse than death if her existence is ever discovered by Prime Councilor Aav, the most powerful Matriarch in the Ring.

When a tall, arrogant, sapphire blue alien comes to Aveyn, it’s not long before headstrong Ava gets in trouble with him – the new Eok warrior in charge.

Arlen wants nothing to do with his new assignment on Aveyn. All he wants is to return to the violence at the Frontier and drown his broken heart in bloodshed. But he made a deal with his brother, the Commander-in-Chief of the Eok armies: a year of peace for a year of combat. So, Arlen comes to

Aveyn fully intent on ruling all those who live there with an iron fist…

… all except a troublesome, gorgeous female whose purple eyes haunt his dreams. When the Mating Venom pushes him to the edge of madness, can Arlen learn to trust in his heart again, or is his soul lost to the bloodlust?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy, thrilling sci-fi romance is the third in the Eok Warriors series, however it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone.