Books became her first love, full of shifters and romance, fantasy and unfulfilled dreams. Can Hunter and Gage live up to her expectations?

Erin White is a loner born not out of choice, but out of tragedy. When she is approached by a writer living in the wilds of Alaska offering her the chance of a lifetime, she jumped on it. She had a good feeling about the move, but she had no idea the Pandora’s box she was about to open could end her life.

Gage Marshall and Joshua Hunter were business partners in the community of Wolf Pass, Alaska, and they’d learned to keep their personal lives secret from the human world because they would not be understood outside of the Native Alaskan community. They were shifters of the werewolf variety. Hunter was the local Alpha and Gage, his Beta.

When Erin’s boss dies a gruesome death. Alpha Hunter and Daddy Gage bring in their brand of taking care of business when the police show little interest and less skill at handling the investigation. It is soon discovered that Erin is at the center of the chaos, whether or not she wants to be, and her life is in grave danger from several sources.

Can Hunter and Gage earn Erin’s trust quickly enough for her to allow them to keep her safe and eliminate the threat? They must, for there is no other way to save her life and their future.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary, steamy, shifter romance contains elements of fantasy, danger, mystery, suspense, paranormal elements, adventure and ménage If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

Available November 20th