December 13th


In the fourth book of the bestselling Victorian age-play series, we return to Hunter’s Ridge to discover how twin sisters, Lucy and Louisa, are blossoming under the stern but loving guidance of their husbands who are also their beloved Papas. They’ve made their choice to live in dual roles of wives and special little ones but they are not the only ones making choices. Lucas’s sisters, Franny and Ettie are not only preparing to be presented to society, they are beginning to ask questions about what paths their lives will take.

Will Franny be able to set her fears of courtship aside and give Samuel Benedict a chance to win her heart? Or will that one impulsive, naughty choice she made ruin her chance of finding true love? Not one but three men vie to capture the heart of the vivacious youngest Lady Huntington. Ettie discovers that courtship is thrilling and yet learns that there is more than love to consider. She knows she needs to feel adored but can any one of the three make her feel truly cherished? What path do these two young women wish to take and who will take the journey at their sides to fulfill their every desire?

As shopping is done and gifts made by loving hands, the house is full of secrets. Will Lucy decide to share what she has learned? And what exactly is the secret that has Franny so withdrawn and what does Louisa know that she has not even shared with her twin?

Days are filled with skating, sleigh rides and racing across the snow covered fields. Courting abounds and preparations are made to attend the Grand Ball. Will love and trust be enough to hold the family together when a night of enchantment turns into a nightmare threatening to tear the family asunder?

Disclaimer: This book contains elements of age-play, the spanking of adult women, explicit sexual scenes, and anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.