Come to the Castle and meet Hannah, Kaylee and Marshall.
Holding Hannah
It’s while on the job that Hannah first discovers The Castle, a massive stone structure set in the wheat fields of Ohio. It’s soon-to-be THE vacation destination for the kink-inclined…if the Doms who run it can ever get it properly permitted and licensed, but Hannah’s nasty boss is determined that that will never happen. While on an inspection visit, one Dom in particular catches Hannah’s eye: Master Sam–strong, dark, wickedly-attractive, every inch of him the very last thing someone like Hannah needs in her life.

Kaylee’s Keeper
Kaylee Waters has saved her pennies for almost two years, mentally debated for six months, changed her mind no less than two-dozen times and finally purchased a three-day pass to what promised to be the vacation of a lifetime: The Castle, the kinkiest theme-resort-to-end-all-vacation-resorts. So what if she’d fibbed a little on her online application? (Everyone does!) So what if she’d never “actually” engaged in this type of play before? (She’s thought about it a lot.) So what if she’d never even been spanked? (She’s read tons of books.) This was the Castle, after all, and it promised to change everything. Unfortunately, her first scenario is a catastrophe and sends her from the room in tears, only to be sent to Master Marshall’s office – like a bad girl sent before the principal.

Meeting Marshall
What happens when five of your favorite naughty authors break the number one Castle rule regarded anonymity of its staff and guests? Why, nothing less than a one-way ticket not just to the Castle, but to Master Marshall’s office. One by one, they are summoned back to speak with him, and one by one they discover he is not in a forgiving mood.

A note from the publisher. These can be read as stand alone books, but if you love these make sure you read the rest of the books.
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