Zoe Blake’s newest release, Captive, is available today & to celebrate Zoe is giving away three autographed copies of her books!  To win, we’ve put together a fun little poll.  Just answer three short questions to be entered into the drawing.   Just follow this LINK to enter!


“Captive” is Zoe Blake’s homage to the classic, pirate bodice ripper.

1. How do you like your Pirate Hero?
a. Roguish and Charming
b. Arrogant and Dominant
c. A little bit of Both.

2. Do you remember the old print covers for the bodice rippers? What did you like most?
a. The Heroine’s flowing hair.
b. The Hero’s flowing hair.
c. What’s a print book?

3. What is your favorite Heroine temper tantrum trope?
a. Throwing something at the Hero.
b. Lashing out with her “tiny fists”.

c. Trying to skewer him with his own sword (and getting skewered herself on his “sword” for her efforts!)