Available July 19th

Princess Vellia SeDonna, daughter of Donna SeRequia of Iveronne, will not be treated like this!


She has been kidnapped by pirates and is now in the bedchamber of their barbarian ruler, a black-hearted one who encourages and subsidizes such dealings. She has been confined and touched by all sorts of filthy rabble – a group in which she includes the enormous man who is standing in front of her – and she isn’t going to put up with it any longer!


K’Tahl Mazon of Maladine is the richest, most powerful man on the planet. He is a genius in battle and in business, but he has very particular tastes in women, therefore his harem is not particularly full.


He prefers quality over quantity, and the princess – annoying little baggage that she is – is definitely that, although she lacks discipline, which he is only too happy to provide.


Publisher’s Note: This dark romance includes elements of power exchange.