He lifted her veil and saw his secret bride…

Marguerite Morel adores Fergus Waltham. Following a brief affair, she has no option but to give him up when her cunning ex- boyfriend, Alan Basset, catches up with her. To escape Alain again, Marguerite leaves without as much as a goodbye to Fergus, who knows nothing about her past life. Not understanding her sudden, abrupt departure, Fergus despises her for leaving him like this.

Six years on, in Oxford, Fergus’ father, Gustave Waltham, the eleventh Earl of Buckley, is now ill. In his illness, the old man wishes to see his son and heir settled with a good woman. He will not go to the grave without finding him a bride. Upon fortuitous circumstances, the earl finds Marguerite. So he moves on with a plan to have Fergus married to her. This comes as a shock to his son when the plan is set in motion. If he doesn’t marry her, Fergus will give up his wealth and inheritance, leaving him no option. It is an arranged marriage, but will they recover from a past that is ridden with lies?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy romance about fated lovers contains a theme of power exchange.

Available June 3rd