Available August 10th

At first, Rye considered Audra to be an impediment to his goal of getting his family ranch back on its feet. Her uncle owned a strip of land he desperately needed in order to claim the water rights that would allow him to continue the generations old legacy he’d inherited from his father.

To Audra, the house she’d inherited from her uncle represented a fresh start – for her and for her small family, far away from the bad memories of sickness and death they’d left behind in New England.

All Rye had to do was wait them out – chances were that she didn’t have the money to pay the enormous tax bill that hung over the property, either. And he was right.

What he didn’t count on was his nearly uncontrollable attraction to her, one that led him to make a bit of a devil’s bargain with her.

And, since it came with the knowledge that she was likely to find herself being regularly and thoroughly disciplined by him, Audra was quite sure that she was the one who was going to get the worse end of the bargain.

Publisher’s Note: A steamy marriage of convenience story that includes power exchange scenes.