Riley McKenna comes from a show business family that has almost become a dynasty.

He inherited the talent that runs in his veins, but not the drive. There’s a secret he’s been hiding for years. When he’d tried and failed in a relationship that tipped in a direction he couldn’t follow, he’d gone on the road of music and success again. Only it didn’t fill the empty place inside him.

Who knew spending a summer on his uncle’s ranch as free labor would be an eye-opening experience. Rescuing a woman from terror started as a good deed. Before he knew it, he was head-over-heels in love with a woman who needed tender loving care and patience.

They can’t start a new life together until she has been cleared of kidnapping and possibly murder charges.

Marissa Miller has been living under an alias for a while now. Her identity was hidden beneath a twenty-pound weight loss. A brunette wig with a touch of gray, big, black glasses, and even contact lenses to change her eye color completed the disguise, and it was necessary. She didn’t mind that she couldn’t recognize herself in a shop window, as long as no one else did either. She was still too close to what terrorized her. The next move would be to a small island off the coast of Maine. It was already planned, and she was looking forward to the freedom she’d have at last.

She had to stay alert. She still had hope, but trust and love wasn’t something she could afford any longer.

Available June 4th