Logan and Renata Wakefield are the bright hope of today’s Washington political world. Logan is the handsome, charismatic candidate favored to become the next President of the United States, and Renata is the beautiful lady at his side, destined to be the most beloved first lady the country has ever known. Little does anyone know how much Renata actually hates her husband.

Her family was destroyed when her father died under tragic circumstances. Her mother is a sad, pale ghost of herself and has never recovered from the loss of her husband. Her brother disappeared after his father died, and Renata has never been able to find him again.

Why does Renata hate her husband so much? Their life together is perfect as far as the outside world and Logan believe. Their sexual encounters are fiery battles for dominance, and Logan finds them deeply satisfying. Renata led him into marriage deliberately, and she has an agenda of her own that nobody knows about. What could it be? Did Logan have something to do with what happened to her family? There are undercurrents in Washington that hint of evil plots and dirty players. Is Renata’s agenda all about retribution, or is she more deeply involved in the inner workings of the political machine? Will Renata be able to carry her plan through to its end? Will someone pay the price for what happened to her family?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy political romance contains graphic scenes and themes of power exchange and power play.

Available October 30th