Available January 9th

Can a dominant, damaged alien possibly fix the human whose mind got shattered?

I find out their secret, so I am stripped naked and thrown in a cell with a gigantic alien who is too damaged to speak. He defiles me repeatedly, body and mind, while we are both put through experiments. Nothing is what it seems, and eventually I no longer know what is real and what is not. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

I was crazed and broken when they forced me to pair bond with a human. Now she carries my child. I am the rightful ruler of this besieged planet. If the humans knew who I was, Alaxia would fall to them. I will leave this place, take my human plaything with me, and wage war on those who would dare imprison me. But will it be too late for Sage?

Publisher’s Note: This is book two in the Unbreakable series. This is an extremely dark romance with graphic scenes, mind control and questionable consent. The heroine’s character is intentionally inconsistent. If alpha aliens in a post-apocalyptic world with total power exchange offend you, please do not purchase.