Available June 23rd

Newly divorced, Emma has to start over again, but it’s not easy when you can’t get over your past. She is fed up with lies and discouraged after finding out her ex is not the man she thought he was. She is drawing a line: no one is going to use her again.
With the help of her best friend, who happens to be an attorney, Emma is fighting back – but it is hard to hold a line when you have been exploited repeatedly. Then, when she least expects it, a new man slips under her guard.
She is small, unassuming and, in some ways, broken. Can she really interest a man who has women panting without even trying? Maybe, just maybe, she is ready to shed her naïveté and pull up her new big girl panties. Even if they are the tiniest strips of nothing she has ever purchased.
Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance includes elements of domestic discipline and power exchange.