She may be the queen, but in the bedroom, he is her king.

Kathryn, the new, young Queen of England was promised to a Scottish duke when she was but four-years-old. He was a young man of sixteen at the time but has followed her life for all these years to see if he can give up everything to be her Consort.

Disguising his identity at a masquerade ball, he speaks with her and gives her a kiss. Later, when she is to meet her betrothed, Kathryn is shocked to see he is the man who was so bold with her at the ball a few years earlier. She has never forgotten him or the kiss.

Bram has never forgotten her, either, and now, he must decide if he will marry her, that is if she will have him for a husband. Can they heal the rift between Scotland and England with a union, as her parents intended when they arranged the marriage all those years ago? Kathryn wants to marry for loveā€¦

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical romance contains a theme of power exchange.

Available June 30th