Available September 7th

Marla Majestic, known as Marla Majesty and often Her Majesty to those who barely managed to tolerate her, is not happy. The man she’s dated off and on since high school, the man she fully expected to marry one day is engaged to someone else. For the first time in her life, neither her money nor social standing is of any use to her. Chas MacKenzie is in love, and it’s not with Marla. Furious, she intends to put a stop to it, in any way possible. Until Chas’ best friend, Pete (Crunch) Benedict gets in the way.

Pete has known Marla forever. In fact, she was his high school crush. When he gets wind of her plans to thwart Chas’ wedding, he does the only thing he can, he takes Marla in hand. Marla doesn’t know it, but Pete has no intention of ever letting her go.

This is a sequel to Just Her Luck, but reads as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance contains sensual scenes and power exchange. It is intended for adults only.