One simple thing stands between Gina and a successful career. Her boss feels she has the skills and talent to be very successful, but her co-workers and the company’s clients refuse to work with her because of her poor attitude. A similar thing stands between Cheyenne and a sizable inheritance. Her grandfather’s will states she can’t collect it until she develops the maturity and responsibility he feels she lacks. A unique program can help each of them achieve their goals. The only question is will they agree to it, and successfully complete it?

Jason developed the program. He knows exactly what the young ladies need, and has several clients to prove the success of his rather unconventional program. It requires total immersion, where an administrator spends fifteen hours a day giving their client his undivided attention. Jason and Paul, the two administrators in these stories, have infinite patience, but they also have no problem repeating the lesson if their client is reluctant to fully commit herself to improving. The first lesson they learn is that any infraction is quickly dealt with by a trip over his knees.

Available August 4th