Lydia finds herself interested in her handsome neighbour. Lord Danbye thinks his sweet little minx is adorable, but he is twice her age.

It is the Year of our Lord, 1671. Nineteen-year-old Lydia Robins has a penchant for mischief. No matter where she goes or who she’s with, she will find herself in some kind of trouble. Her neighbour, the dashing, powerful Lord Danbye, Earl of Barnham, feels it is his duty to protect her, and although attracted to him, she finds his high-handed attitude rather irksome.

When she’s invited to become a lady-in-waiting, he forewarns of the dangers at court, but she ignores him and travels to Whitehall regardless. Finding herself embroiled in the sensuality, drama and intrigue of court life, Lydia must negotiate her path between truth and lies, rogues and royalty, and most of all refrain from getting into trouble with the handsome Lord Danbye who has promised to watch over her when he visits the court. But Lydia has already had first-hand experience of his protection and it is something she would rather not repeat. Or would she?

Lydia finds herself not only having to deal with the daily affairs of court life, but also her emotions when confronted with the handsome earl. A tale of love, passion and intrigue, set in the majestic court of Charles II.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical contains sexual scenes and a theme of power exchange.

Available September 8th