Available August 2nd

Brash Americans. Proper Lords and Ladies. Firm Discipline. 

What happens when an American inherits an earldom from a distant cousin and goes off to London to take up his duties as Lord Winchester… duties which include the widow of the former earl?

And just when Thomas and his bride Lady Katherine get settled in to life as London’s naughtiest couple, Thomas’s sister, Charlotte, makes a surprise trip from America to visit –weeks after Thomas and Katherine have set sail for America. 

Sit back and enjoy three naughty Regency romps from Celeste Jones. 

Lady Katherine’s Comeuppance

The house of Winchester is set on its ear when Thomas, a distant cousin of the recently deceased earl, arrives to assume his role as Lord Winchester. In addition to an elegant London home and a luxurious country estate, Thomas “inherits” Lady Katherine, the widow of the former earl. 

Lady Katherine is horrified that a barbaric American will not only be the new lord of the manor, but also responsible for her future support and livelihood. She is determined to maintain her position in society, and equally determined to ignore the brash American. That is, until their passions override their good judgment. 

Lady Katherine’s Conundrum

She’s back and she’s in trouble. 

After a summer in the country, Lady Katherine and her husband, Thomas, return to London to participate in all the festivities available to a lord and his lady. The scandal that forced them to marry is long forgotten, and they are at the top of the social ladder. 

In addition to the pleasures of an active social life, Lady Katherine Winchester is thrilled to learn that the friend who abandoned her at her time of need, Lady Lorena Arnold, is now the subject of a salacious scandal. Katherine can hardly believe her good fortune when she observes Lady Arnold en route to a tryst. But, before she can share all the juicy tidbits with the other ladies of the ton, her husband lays down the law: No Gossip. 

Will Katherine be able to keep her tale to herself? And if not, will her tail be at risk from the stern but loving Lord Winchester? 

Wilful Miss Winchester

Rash, brash and low on cash, Miss Charlotte Winchester sailed across the Atlantic ready to partake of all London had to offer the favorite sister of Lord Thomas Winchester. 

What a shock for our impulsive adventurer when she arrives at her brother’s London townhouse to find he and his wife sailed for America weeks before. 

Reclusive widower Lord Lucas Tanner wanted nothing more than to live in obscurity while continuing to mourn the loss of his wife and infant son. When his house burns to the ground, his accepts the invitation of his friend, Lord Thomas Winchester, to reside at his home while Thomas and Lady Katherine visit America. 

All goes well for him until Charlotte shows up on his doorstep. 

Cultures and passions clash when these two unlikely roommates are forced to share a home. Will they draw a chalk line through the center of the parlor, or will their acrimony turn to matrimony? 

Publisher’s Note: These steamy historical romance novels contain elements of domestic discipline. This compilation is comprised of three individual titles.