Emmeline is startled when handsome dominant Victorian Prince Rasmussen travels through space from another dimension to lay claim to her as his mate and his world’s Empress. Her memory of her true identity was lost along with her whereabouts when she was sent to earth by her Empress mother to protect her from warring factions. Now the Prince has found her, he will return her to their Victorian Dimension where she will become Empress and prevent a war between the planets she is to preside over. But first, the Prince is intent on taming her to his will and ensuring her full submission to him as her future husband. For although the Empress rules her subjects, she must be in turn governed and protected by a strong masterful mate. And when Emmeline insists she is determined to resist the Prince’s strict authority, she soon finds herself controlled by a special leather harness he places over her naked body and over his knee for many bare bottomed spankings until she learns her lesson.

Available Dec 14th